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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Things seem to be back to our new normal. On the train today and its the busiest Ive seen it since coming back in level 2.

I have been working now in Queen street for two years in May and been involved with Emirates Team New Zealand for over a year.

Since coming back from lockdown I had had my Monday closed, it is reopened from next week doing a 10- 3pm.

I will be making a slight increase in prices from October was going to increase my prices in May but with the Covid- 19 and everyone still finding there feet will hold off till October. I didn't know what it was going to be like returning to work. I feel ive have been one of the lucky ones with the clinic being busy but I think it will be a few months before the job security is clear for everyone.

From October 2020 my 1 hour treatment and my 90 minute treatment will be increase by $5. My 30minutes and 45 minutes will increase by $2.

New price list - October 2020

90 minutes - $145

60 minutes - $105

45 minutes - $87

30 minutes - $67

It is so great being back and wanted to say "Thank You" to all my clients for making my job easy and making it so worthwhile!

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