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6-weeks Yin Yoga Class

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

This 6-week block of Yin Yoga is designed for you to learn the wonderful benefits of Yin Yoga. This 6-week block will focus on parts of the body in each lesson, each week we address a different area to focus on. It will be a small class so everyone gets some one-one instructions.

60 minute Class

Saturday 22nd July @ 9 am

6-week block - $75 or drop in $15

@Mangawahi Osteopath Clinic

6 weeks

Class layout:

Props can be used (bolsters, blocks, mats, and straps will be provided)

Please Bring to class - A blanket and wear something warm (layers)

Signing up for the full 6 weeks block is best, so you can learn the postures and get the true benefits. If spaces are available you can do specific classes (booking is a must).

22nd July Week 1: Spine

29th July Week 2: Hips

5th August Week 3: Legs

12th August week 4: Shoulders, arms, wrist

19th August Week 5: Lower back

26th August Week 6: Whole body

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a gentle and calming practice characterized by long-held static poses (2-5 min) that stimulate the connective tissues in the body. Yin Yoga primarily focuses on the lower limbs, hips, and spine, despite affecting the body as a whole.

How is Yin a ‘mindful’ practice?

Contemporary life tends to be very Yang; busy, emotionally and mentally stimulating. Yin yoga cultivates a calm and attentive mind and is therefore effective in promoting mental and emotional balance.

How do we practice Yin Yoga?

  • commit to holding each pose for between 2-5mins

  • work to identify and stimulate the specific target area(s) for each pose

  • Adapt each pose to suit our unique bodies best

About me

I am a sports therapist and discovered Yin Yoga 5 years ago and I felt it went so well with my practice as a soft tissue therapist especially the fantastic effects it has on the connective tissue.

I have always found meditation challenging but with Yin Yoga, I find that with each pose you can focus on how the tissue feels/changes over time which becomes a meditation in itself, allowing the mind to be still.

I trained with Markus Giess, a student of Paul Grilley who brought Yin Yoga to people's attention and made it into the Yin Yoga we know today. Yin Yoga incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you would like to join the 6-week class or a single class please book online or get in touch directly for questions.

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