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Sports Massage 

Training for an event or having an activity lifestyle?


Sports massage can prepare you for the event ahead, or aid in your recovery.  It is a great way to increase your performance with regular treatments.  Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance by reducing fatigue and relieving muscle pain and tension.  Sports massage helps to alleviate pain and prevention of injuries that may adversely affect flexibility, mobility, response time and overall performance in competition.  

Sports massage is firm/deep pressure, this can sometimes feel uncomfortable but shouldn't be painful.  ​

Benefits of a sports massage

Enhance muscle relaxation 

Rehab an injury 

Decrease recovery time 

Increase range of motion 

Improve performance 

Can help alleviate pain 

Help remove waste products in the tissue

Improve tissue elasticity 

Massage shows to reduce anxiety 

Tracy with her years of experience believes that the biggest benefit of having regular sports massage is injury prevention.  


Tracy has experience working with professional football Teams (in Scotland), Dundee Stars Ice hockey and individual athletes in MMA, Boxing, and Triathletes.  Tracy is currently one of the sports therapists for Emirates Team New Zealand running up to the America Cup in 2021.  

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