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Lisa Bourne  - Bussiness

I’ve experienced many massages, some good, some awful! But Tracy Booth is exceptional. She is able to release tension and painful muscles without inflicting pain. Her assessment of ‘what the body is doing’ is outstanding, allowing you to work with your PT to develop weaknesses and overcome historical issues (or new ones for that matter). Can’t recommend her enough.

I had hamstring issues for 3 years that started affecting my workout routine and overall fitness level. I went to 3 different Physio before Tracy. Still, Tracy was the first one who sincerely diagnosed the situation and identified that the issue is not in my hamstring but calf muscle and worked the right areas. She is excellent, and thanks to her, I am getting back on track with my workout routine.  

Jo Kelly - Accountant 

Tracy is a rare find.  I've seen lots of theurapeutic massage therapist over the years and the results since seeing her are outstanding.  I don't need massage as often as I used to when seeing other therapist in the past, and the pricing is totally in line with the quality of service  I highly recommened her. 

Linda High - Retail 

I am a half marathon distance runner and a few months ago I started to experience tightness and pain in my IT band and right knee. I attended Tracy's clinic where I underwent a very thorough and professional assessment followed by some very effective sports massage on the affected area. I had Rocktape applied following treatment and found this to be hugely beneficial and even wore it during a couple of races. I also received comprehensive advice on appropriate exercise and stretching all of which aided my recovery significantly.

Peter Wood - Manager 

I have been receiving treatment, from Tracy, for the last several months for a persistent frozen shoulder and an equally persistent mid back problem.  Tracy has a warm and at the same time very professional approach.  Her thorough testing to get to the source of the problem, and subsequent therapeutic massage treatment coupled with a targeted exercise regime, have brought steady improvment for both areas.  Her "peeling back the layers" is not only effective but will be lasting  Which has me feeling very positive about the future.  Thanks Tracy 

Adela Povrova - Administration 

Great sports massage therapist, very thorough and responsive to clients needs.  Helped me a lot with a ongoning issue.  

Diane Field - Corporate development manager - Royal New Zealand Ballet 

Tracy did a fabulous job of helping me get through rehearsals in the final weeks before a dance competitions with a damaged hamstring.  She has a lovely warm and professional manner and provided great advice on how to manage this injury during that time and then follow up treatments.  Highly recommended!!  My grateful thanks, Tracy!!

Tracy treated me while I was working in Auckland for several weeks.  I have a recurring injury with my left hip, and from the very first treatment, Tracy was able to go directly to the pain and then like a psychic, she treated the areas to assist in helping to heal my injury.  Tracy has such an easygoing personality, she makes you feel very comfortable and you always leave so much better than when you came in.  She is a good listener too.  


Darren Yap - Actor 

Sean Sinclair - Performer 

If you are in the Auckland area, Tracy is THE person you need to see for any and all muscular needs.  She knows exactly how to treat each injury and what to do to prevent and strengthen any ongoing issues.  Couldn't recommended any higher!! 

Anneka Walker - Chartered Surveyor

If anyone needs a sports massage or treatment for a sports injury  I would definitely recommend you see Tracy. I had such a sore neck from sitting at my desk all day and doing too much driving and she sorted me right out, thanks Tracy!

Mairi Chong - General Practitioner

I highly recommend Tracy following two helpful consultations in her capacity as Sports Therapist. Not only was her actual treatment successful, but her entire consultation was very much tailored to my individual sport (of which she had personal knowledge). She has given me life-long advice regarding this, along with a programme of exercises to prevent me from needing her in the future. I found her to be friendly, professional and very approachable, and have already recommended her to many people.

Jen Rourke - Teacher 

After a year of unexplained breast, arm and shoulder pain and various anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed from the doctor, Tracy was able to source the origin of my problem instantly and resolve the issue completely in only 6 weeks.  She provided me with great range of exercises to do at home that prevented the problem from reoccurring.  Her friendly and warm yet professional attitude put me at ease and made repeat appointments a pleasurable experience.  I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone with muscular ailment or sports injuries as from my personal experience, she would be able to pin-point the problem, determine and execute a suitable solution within a short space of time.  ​

Martin Tippett (personal trainer) and sports enthusiast ​

Tracy has been treating me for just over a year now, this may sound like a long time but I saw her for an hour once a week. I was recommended to Tracy by colleagues who sang her praises! I’ve been to a few therapists in the past so was quite sceptical. I initially saw Tracy due to a muscle tear in my Gluteal and various other pains and strains and was treated with excellent care and attention, from there I knew she knows her stuff and has healing hands!! Without sounding as if she's paying me to say this she has given me a new body! I’ve been training with heavy weights and playing various contact sports for over 20 years and had my fair share of injuries including a lower back operation. To sum this up, Tracy set about dealing with the most severe injuries/tears then gradually worked on the surrounding muscles, my body was full of knots and scar tissue which is why it's taken so long to completely recover from all injuries and little niggles! Through her healing hands and rehabilitation exercises my body is in tip-top condition and I'm back lifting even heavier weights with no issues! I only see Tracy every few weeks just to keep my muscles relaxed! "

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