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Restful Pose - Yin Yoga

The Child pose:

Gently stretches the whole of the back

A healing, restful pose

When the head is supported it can relieve back and neck discomfort

Promotes a feeling of calm

Psychologically soothing when feeling cold, anxious or vulnerable

Benefits the organs of digestion with a gentle compression of the stomach and chest

Can be a movement pose more Yang (Repeat 5-10times) or held in a static pose (3-5mins) more Yin

On a mat,

Kneeling, gently move hips toward heels and folding forward to rest the hand on the floor with arm extended or arm at side. Close your eyes and quietly the mind.

Yin pose - Hold for 3-5 mins

Make this pose more comfortable for you


Blanket/towel under knees - Extra cushioning

Blanket/towel between calf and thigh if knee issues exist. In some cases with knee pain child pose should be avoid altogether.

Blanket/towel under the ankle to reduce discomfort on top of feet (I personal use this support)

If can't get bum on heels support the neck with a pillow.


Knees together

Knees apart

Arms above head

Arms at side of the body

Pillow under chest

Yin Classes and workshop coming soon.....

Tracy Booth Sports Therapist

Soft Tissue Therapy

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