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Yin Yoga Class No 4 - Shoulders

60 minute Class

Yin Yoga

Today class focuses on relieving and stimulating the shoulders and back. Different stretches you could apply when need relieve from tight shoulders. 60 mins class. Hope you enjoy!

Yin Yoga is a gentle and calming practice. Must poses are floor based and are characterised by long held static poses (3-5 min long) that stimulate the connective tissue in the body.

Yin yoga improves range of motion and flexibility by stimulating myofascial tissue.

Aids in sports recovery and sports-related injury prevention.

Cultivates mindfulness.

What do you need?

  • Yoga mat

  • 3-4 pillows or yoga bolster

  • A yoga strap or band or towel

  • blanket

Equipment you need

We use our props (pillows, strap, blanket) to help make the poses as comfortable as we can.

I will show alternative poses.

Through the class I will speak about the target area of the pose for example for the quads, hamstrings, neck.

No pose is prefect, look to me for guidance but yin yoga encourages you to adapt each pose to suit you as an individual. Everyone bodies are unique.

How do we practice Yin Yoga?

  • commit to holding the pose for 3-5 min

  • work to identify and stimulate the specific target area for each pose

  • Adapt each pose to best suit our unique bodies

******Current injuries would take care not to aggravate injury with certain target areas. Try the alternative poses and use lots of props (to supports and make your self comfortable). Please get in touch if not sure about certain poses or need further alternative poses *****

This Classes

60 mins, 3-4 mins held poses

Wrist poses

Neck poses

Shoulder pose - Latissimus dorsi

Shoulder pose - Chest opening

Shoulder pose - Shoulder opening

Shoulder pose - ribs, shoulder blade

Spinal twist - oblique

Abdominal pose - Stimulation lower back

Back pose - Stimulation of the whole back, shoulders.


Hope you enjoyed the class

Any questions please get in touch

Keep safe


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