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Sports Massage

Sports massage
Sports massage

Sports massage is a firm/deep pressure massage.  This can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be too painful.  Using techniques of soft tissue release, kneading, tapotement (tapping), stretching, Muscle energy technique, and trigger point therapy, kinesiology tape, stretch or rehabilitation program.


It's a great way to relieve tightness in the muscles, leading up to the event or as maintenance when doing lots of activity.   Coming in for a pre-event sports massage is great to do a flush of the muscle, you want a lighter and quicker sports massage just before an event.

I come from a background of treating professional athletes or being in a gym setting so I can understand the importance of continuing training. There are many benefits from sports massage but the biggest I find is injury prevention and reducing the chance of tightness leading to injuries especially as many sports can be repetitive.

Some of my clients review with sports massage

"I had hamstring issues for 3 years that started affecting my workout routine and overall fitness level. I went to 3 different Physio before Tracy. Still, Tracy was the first one who identified that the issue is not in my hamstring but calf muscle and worked the right areas. She is excellent, and thanks to her, I am getting back on track with my workout routine.  "

"I am a half marathon distance runner and a few months ago I started to experience tightness and pain in my IT band and right knee. I attended Tracy's clinic where I underwent a very thorough and professional assessment followed by some very effective sports massage on the affected area. I had Rocktape applied following treatment and found this to be hugely beneficial and even wore it during a couple of races. I also received comprehensive advice on appropriate exercise and stretching all of which aided my recovery significantly."

Tracy has been treating me for just over a year now, this may sound like a long time but I saw her for an hour once a week. I was recommended to Tracy by colleagues who sang her praises! I’ve been to a few therapists in the past so was quite sceptical. I initially saw Tracy due to a muscle tear in my Gluteal and various other pains and strains and was treated with excellent care and attention, from there I knew she knows her stuff and has healing hands!! Without sounding as if she's paying me to say this she has given me a new body! I’ve been training with heavy weights and playing various contact sports for over 20 years and had my fair share of injuries including a lower back operation. To sum this up, Tracy set about dealing with the most severe injuries/tears then gradually worked on the surrounding muscles, my body was full of knots and scar tissue which is why it's taken so long to completely recover from all injuries and little niggles! Through her healing hands and rehabilitation exercises my body is in tip-top condition and I'm back lifting even heavier weights with no issues! I only see Tracy every few weeks just to keep my muscles relaxed! "

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