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Open at Level 2

This Thursday the 14th of May I will be back at Queen Street Physiotherapy. My diary is open now so if want to book

Changes during Alert 2

  • Reduce appointments - There will be less appointment available to increase the time for cleaning between clients and stopping clients using the waiting area. I would recommend booking in advance.

  • Screening process - The Ministry of health requires us go through a screening process with each client we see. I will call you 10 minutes before your appointment to go through this screening process.

  • No waiting area - either during the screening call or by text I will let you know when you can come straight through to the treatment room.

  • Mask - You can wear a mask if you would like and request me to wear a mask. I will ask you during our screening process.

  • 90 Minute appointment - If you would like a 90 minute appointment please get in touch due to the increased spaces between appointments they are limited.

  • If you do suffer from any current health conditions or in the high risk for Covid-19 then I would suggest waiting till level 1 before having a treatment.

If you have any question please get in touch.

Look forward to seeing you all.

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