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Myofascial Therapy

Updated: Jul 10

Myofascial massage
Myofascial massage

Myofascial therapy is a safe and effective intervention for musculoskeletal tension, injury and pain. It's a hands-on approach that works with the connective tissue to unwind restrictions and restore motion.

Myo meaning muscle and fascial meaning fascia. Fascia is referring to the connective tissue that connect each layer of tissue in the body. Myofascial therapy doesn't specifically focus on the muscles they focus on releasing the tension in your fascial tissue and releasing trigger points. Fascia shortens, solidifies and thickens in response to trauma, physical or mental.  Most of my work as a therapist is releasing the fascial tissue.  

I am feeling for stiff or tightened areas, normal myofascial should feel pliable and elastic. I will begin massaging and stretching the areas that feel rigid with light manual pressure. I then aid the tissue and supportive sheath in releasing pressure and tightness. The process is repeated multiple times on the same trigger point and other trigger points until I feel the tension is fully released.

Difference between myofascial therapy and deep tissue massage

use very little oil if any

Taking the tissue in many different directions to influence the tissue to release

Asking for movement to help further the release of the tissue

Slow pace, pause, re -check tissue

Restriction in the fascial tissue
Myofascial Therapy

When treating pain or tightness, I consider all the areas that may be contributing to the discomfort. For instance, when addressing lower back issues, I would work on the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, adductors, IT bands, and hips. I would position the client on their back, front and on their side to access the tissue from a different angle.

The body is remarkably adept at compensating for long-term injuries by modifying its movement to minimize pain.

Using a foam roller or ball, you've engaged in myofascial release, a self-treatment that has gained popularity over the past decade for its effectiveness.

I am currently completing a course in structural integration, which is teaching me numerous myofascial techniques that can help manipulate and modify resistant tissue. I am beginning to incorporate these techniques into my treatments. Look out for my next blog on Structural integration.

Reviews of my myofascial treatments:

"I have been receiving treatment, from Tracy, for the last several months for a persistent frozen shoulder and an equally persistent mid back problem.  Tracy has a warm and at the same time very professional approach.  Her thorough testing to get to the source of the problem, and subsequent therapeutic massage treatment coupled with a targeted exercise regime, have brought steady improvement for both areas.  Her "peeling back the layers" is not only effective but will be lasting Which has me feeling very positive about the future.  Thanks Tracy"

"Tracy treated me while I was working in Auckland for several weeks.  I have a recurring injury with my left hip, and from the very first treatment, Tracy was able to go directly to the pain and then like a psychic, she treated the areas to assist in helping to heal my injury.  Tracy has such an easygoing personality, she makes you feel very comfortable and you always leave so much better than when you came in.  She is a good listener too."

"After a year of unexplained breast, arm and shoulder pain and various anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed from the doctor, Tracy was able to source the origin of my problem instantly and resolve the issue completely in only 6 weeks.  She provided me with great range of exercises to do at home that prevented the problem from reoccurring.  Her friendly and warm yet professional attitude put me at ease and made repeat appointments a pleasurable experience.  I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone with muscular ailment or sports injuries as from my personal experience, she would be able to pin-point the problem, determine and execute a suitable solution within a short space of time."

"​I experienced a significant sprain to my upper back and neck area resulting in weeks off work, discomfort and pain. Fortunately with Tracy's professional approach and genuine talent, she enabled me to turn a corner and accelerate my recovery. So grateful for the treatment."

"I have had amazing results from Tracy's massage. For the first time in a very long time I am starting to feel that I can move freely and the constant ache in my back is easing. It great to have someone who listens and understands what I personally need, rather than following a set pattern of massage."

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