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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage treatment using slow, deep strokes to release tightness and tension within the muscles and connective tissue.

Some of the techniques that I would use are trigger point release, soft tissue release, kneading and circular movement.

Finding the right pressure for clients and their muscles is crucial, finding the 'good pain' when hitting those tense spots. Communicating with your therapist is important to ensure the pressure is therapeutic and relaxing.

Deep tissue massage is a very effective treatment for receiving muscular pain and tension and highly relaxing treatment. Its's a great well-being and maintenance treatment for the body and mind.

If you're currently experiencing minor aches or discomfort, I would suggest a series of weekly treatments. Once these areas are addressed, I would then recommend a treatment every 4, 6, or 8 weeks as part of injury prevention and overall well-being. I personally ensure to have a massage every 6 weeks for my own well-being and body.

Review of deep tissue massage:

"If anyone needs a deep tissue massage I would definitely recommend you see Tracy. I had such a sore neck from sitting at my desk all day and doing too much driving and she sorted me right out, thanks Tracy!"

"Tracy is a rare find.  I've seen lots of therapeutic massage therapist over the years and the results since seeing her are outstanding.  I don't need massage as often as I used to when seeing other therapist in the past, and the pricing is totally in line with the quality of service I highly recommened her. "

"I’ve experienced many massages, some good, some awful! But Tracy Booth is exceptional. She is able to release tension and painful muscles without inflicting pain. Her assessment of ‘what the body is doing’ is outstanding, allowing you to work with your PT to develop weaknesses and overcome historical issues (or new ones for that matter). Can’t recommend her enough."

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