Sports therapy treatment in Queen Street, CBD

 sport therapy, remedial therapy, sports massage and deep tissue massage


 Hands on therapy with advance massage technqiues, ​treatments are tailored to individual needs, helping relieve ongoing pain and chronic pain.  

Massage, dry needling, cupping and exericse rehabiliation are part of the treatment.   Treatments for sports and non-sports injury, alleviate everyday muscular tension, postural alignments and stress relief.

Tracy Booth BSc, MSST 

Graduated in 2008 with a degree in Sports Therapy from Glasgow, Scotland.  Specialising in soft tissue therapy with over 10 years experience, working with different sports and individual athletes.  She is the current Sports Therapist for ETNZ leading up the American's cup in 2021.  Tracy also treats varations of non- related sports injuries helping individuals with ongoing injuries, chronic pain, postural imbalance, muscular dysfunction and stress relief.  Learn more  

"Passionate about helping people achieveing their goals whether its a completing an Iron Man event or sitting comfortable at their desk.  Helping people reverse long term soft tissue dysfunction with a program of hands-on therapy and rehabiliation"  


Sports/Remedial Therapy 

Treatments for ongoing or chronic pain, postrual imbalance and sporting niggles.  ​​

Everyone is different so we treat to each indiviuals needs.

Movement is critial to recovery alongside hands-on treatment.  

Treament for sports & non-sport injuires, niggles.  Postural dysfunction, everyday aches & pains.  

Promoting health and well-being 


90 minutes : $140

1 hour: $100

45 minutes: $85

30 minutes : $60

Sports Massage 

Sports massage is a firm/deep pressure massage.  This can sometimes feel uncomfortalbe but it shouldn't be too painful.  


Its a  great way to relief tightness in the muscles, leading up to the event or as maintenace when doing lots of activity.      

Using technquies of trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial release, cupping, muscle energy technique, exercise rehabiliation.  


Treatment for Pre event, post event and maintenace massage 


90 minute sports massage treatment : $140​

1 hour Sports massage treatment : $100​

45 minute Sports massage treatment : $85

30 minute Sports massage treatment : $60


Tracy is a rare find.  I've seen lots of theurapeutic massage therapist over the years and the results since seeing her are outstanding.  I don't need massage as often as I used to when seeing other therapist in the past, and the pricing is totally in line with the quality of service  I highly recommened her. ” 


—  Jo Kelly, Accountant

 Sports Therapy Stories 


Tracy is a graduate and insured member of The Society of Sports Therapists.  

She is a level 7 Therapist with Massage New Zealand and is registered with Sourthern Cross.   She completed her level 1 with Neurokinetic Therapy (March 2017) and started Anatomy in motion in 2019.    

In 2013 she become a Rock Doc for fascial Movement Taping.  

Tracy became a Yin Yoga Teacher in 2017 and does Yin Yoga Workshop around Auckland. 

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